Short ChangeD


This was  was my very first film I worked on as a student in the University of Washington Animation Capstone. Two quarters were spent collaborating with amazing colleagues, consultants, teacher assistants and Barbara Mones as our director to produce this short film. What's amazing about this program and this short, is that it was made by a small group of students who come from various backgrounds and most not having experience in the animation pipeline at all. Students are taught about the animation pipeline in the fall and winter and spring term is spent working on the film. 

Categories:    Cinematic
                        Student Film

Completed:    Winter-Spring 2014

Course:           Animation Capstone

Skills:                Maya Autodesk
                          Mental Ray
                          After Effects

Role:                 Texture Artist
                          Shading Artist
                          Visual Development

Character Texture

The style of the film is rendered with lambert materials and flat ambient light with no shadows. Then an occlusion shadow is composited on top of the beauty layer. Therefore, textures on characters and assets had to be painted with faux lighting (painted shadows, highlights, and spec). 

Since we see Penny's Mom's face close up in the film, I wanted to make sure the textures were detailed enough to recognize facial expressions and for the character to look believable.  

mr c.jpg
mr c test 2 5_31.jpg

I used photoshop to paint directly onto the characters, since we didn't have programs like mudbox. It was a good tool.  

Skydome Matte Paintings

To visually communicate that time was passing, I painted three different types of matte paintings for the different times of the day.

sky 3 texture.png

Color Concepts

I was tasked to design different texture concepts of the main characters, Corruption and Gustav the goose. 

I created a range of cool color pallets and added a warm color as an option, to see which would better represent the character. 
He's not suppose to be human, and is very cold and deceptive.  

Gustav was a bit tricky. Geese tend to be very dark along the neck and face and the director wanted to make sure the face was visible. 
I made different types of  iterations on his colors, ranging from light brown to dark brown.  

Color Scripts
I painted a few color scripts to establish the mood and lighting very different parts of the story.  I visioned underwater to be clean and clear until corruption arrived. As time went on, the water would become mucky and dark as corruption lingered on beneath the surface.


Concept Art

concept_assets (2017_01_01 02_39_18 UTC).jpg


Research // Studies at Seattle Aquarium

It took a lot of research to understand how light works under the water and required a trip to the aquarium to study how light interact with the water and how colors change with depth.