Fish Out of Water

Categories:    Cinematic
                        Student Film

Completed:    Winter-Spring 2015

Course:           Animation Capstone

Skills:                Maya Autodesk
                          Mental Ray
                          After Effects

Role:                 Shading Supervisor
                          Lighting Supervisor
                          Visual Development Supervisor
                          Render/Composite Supervisor
                          Various 3d Artist
                          Technical Support

Fish out of Water is a short film about a man who doesn't quite fit into his world and finds a way to make a change. I was a supervisor for various art teams, such as lighting, shading and visual development. I would make sure that teams were on schedule during production and assisted in directing the art teams. 
Besides directing the teams, I also did various 3d work on the film. It was a mixture of visual development and effects. 


Fantasy Sequence

The fantasy sequence was designed to feel nostalgic and dreamlike from one of Roy's childhood photos. 
The sequence was composed in after effects, with a matte painting and water effects simulated in Maya.  

During Roy's fantasy, he's suppose to be transported back to a lake he and his puppy would fish at. The area is suppose to warm, relaxing and in an area surrounded by trees. Due to time constraints, the team decided it would be best to have a matte painting as a backdrop. 
I used a simple maya ocean shader to create the final look of the water and composited the entire shot within after affect. 

Concept Art for EFX

During a part of the film, Roy transitions from his dull office space to a serene lake. The director wanted to keep the EFX and the transition simple. My idea was that there would be a breeze that would blow the papers off Roy's desk and help transition into his fantasy. 
I made a quick concept of what that would look like and see if the EFX team could make it. 


Lighting Concepts

Final Look of the office

Lit by Andrew Shin

Lit by Andrew Shin

Title Composite 

The title was the greatest challenge in this film, since the director liked the idea of rain drops forming into words and then continuing to run down the window. Kirstine Lee hand animated a black and white animation of the text, for me to use for composite work. I animated a few more rain drops hitting the window, and painted the clouds for the background. I then composited the shot in a special way to have the black water drop masks look more like water.