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When I saw Mike Redman's studio room study, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! The light, colors and the unique shapes of the room are so beautiful that I was inspired to turn it into a 3d scene. This project was a fun challenge, since it was my first time working with Arnold and it has many assets and materials. I was okay with this since it allowed me to learn how to make materials, such as wood, wax, a variety of cloths and glass. 



interior room (2017_01_01 02_39_18 UTC).jpg

Mike Redman's study was a challenge in deciding which illustration to choose from and convert into 3d. There isn't one lighting scenario to select from and the objects in the room change depending on the time of day.  He was basically telling a story of what was going on in this room at different times of the day.

I decided to model the room as if it were to be the second panel to the series of drawings; just before the woman sits down to paint during the late afternoon. My setting would be for early afternoon, with stronger light flooding in through the window. I pictured the room to be warm and inviting, since the room feels warm and cozy later in the afternoon and evening. It's a peaceful place to paint.

I wanted the 3d room to maintain some of it's abstract shapes and colors, and tried my best to blend it between realism and a cartoon style. Overall, I didn't want to stray away from the illustrative charm the drawings have. 

I used 3ds max to model and then transfered the models into Maya for Arnold shaders, lighting, and rendering. 


Close ups during the process of building the studio room. I really enjoyed adding in small details into assets like the cloth, paint stained water cup, and hardwood floor. The shaders were layered textures of alpha mats, bumps maps and color nodes. The hardest object to make was the patterned rug. I never worked with Xgen before, and wanted to assign each fur spline a particular color that will result in a custom patterned rug. 
Overall, I had a great time learning Arnold shaders and making a wide variety of materials for the room.